Amidakuji #7 Steem Giveaway Results

in game •  last year

We have a new winner, @larutanton. Congratulations!!!

Amidakuji Answer for May 23.jpg

This past week, I got a little more creative than usual when drawing the lines for the Amidakuji. Using curved lines, I think, adds a little more unpredictability to the Amidakuji and makes it a little more fun. If you think so too, please let me know in the comments.


As always, thank you for playing. The jackpot for this Amidakuji came to 4.528 SBD and 4.807 Steem and has already been transferred as promised to @larutanton's account.

Please join in again next week for a special version of the Amidakuji, a Pay It Forward Amidakuji, one where everyone is a winner and one where everyone receives a good deed to be done.

In the meantime, Steem on and dream on.

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Congrats @larutanton.

Interesting looking game. Definitely following to see what you have planned later!


I'm glad to hear it. I will post next week's game on Tuesday. It will be a bit of an experiment, but it should be fun. You can read more about Amidakuji here:


that one is.... interesting.


I like these big curved lines. They really move the course all over the place.

Talk about a game of chance! 😉Thanks @boxcarblue


That it definitely is.

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