Amidakuji Results

in game •  11 months ago

Thank you everyone for participating in last week's Amidakuji. Here are the results.

August 1 Amidakuji Answers.jpg

I checked the comments three times and it appears to me that for the first time in a couple of months, we don't have a winner.

This means that the jackpot produced by your votes, which was 7.537 SBD and 5.625 Steem, will be carried over to next week's Amidakuji. I am planning to post that on August 15 and will be sure to remind you all to try your luck again.

Better luck next time!


Until then, Happy Steeming!

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great post.


Thanks for your comment!

Good post friends may be useful and successful @boxcarblue


Next week, you should try playing the game.

Thank you, @boxcarblue ! It's a fun game... and I almost chose 9, my last lucky number - lol... 8 and 9 are my lucky numbers... :) Have a good day!!


You know what they say, Always go with your first impression.


Hahaha... True! Can't wait for the next one... :D

Thanks for the update! Better luck next week!


Yep. There's always another chance.

I will try again! Good luck to everyone! Thank you for playing!


Hopefully, next time, somebody will win a big jackpot.

Oh, I just missed by 2 numbers? :(
I can't wait to try again next time, @boxcarblue! ;D


I'll send you a message when it's up. Thanks for playing!