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Before we get the next chapter of BJ Blazkowicz's mission to eliminate the Nazis, the Wolfenstein series of shooting games returns with a new version called Youngblood, which you will play with the twin Blazkowicz characters with a game focused on the collaborative experience. This is what you will discover in our review.

BJ Blazkowicz, the most famous Nazi murderer, disappears for a while without any news of his whereabouts and without any contact with his family. The twins, Soph and Jess Blazkowicz, hear of their father's presence in Paris and decide to go to the French capital with their girlfriend. Abby When you arrive in Paris you will know the leaders of the French Revolution and help them defeat the Nazis in exchange for more details about where your father is located.

The story is not the focus of this release, as it is limited to some short sections of the game engine and some dialogues and we will not find the film clips that we used with the return of the series only in the most important moments only evidently MachineGames did not focus much on it, A group of curious and curious characters. The most prominent of these characters are the Blazkowicz twins, who behave and speak like children at the age of seven, but enjoy killing the Nazis and creating a lot of destruction and chaos instead of playing with dolls. But the characters do not expect anything from the story.

At the technical level, MachineGame returns to provide a rich visual experience rich in detail and effects with a constant frame rate. Most of the time, help with Arkane Studios in the development process has had a clear impact on map design that has not only become bigger but has become full of alternate and complex corridors that you will only realize Curious about navigating the map, and though it is an action and correction game that focuses on killing your enemies with all its blood, it offers you many options to play smartly and get around or bypass enemies if they are stronger than to beat them and hide many valuable secrets and resources in clever ways. The Audio Level There are good tunes here and there's something to do but nothing to keep in mind as opposed to the last version of Mick Gordon's spirited tunes.

The game experience, as we have mentioned, focuses on the cooperative element. Two players will control one of the twins, who are wearing each pair of energy suits to take advantage of the abilities they provide, such as the ability to hide and the ability to rush to enemies to land and other advantages. The series fans will notice significant differences in this version To play cooperative, the experience is harder than usual to rely on tactics and cooperation between players, especially that some powerful enemies have a set of defenses and prepare for life and to break their defenses in the best possible way you must target their weaknesses, which requires Of one player to distract the enemy so that the other player to target weaknesses.

The experience is still enjoying the huge number of enemies that will surround you from every side. As we mentioned, the tactic is important. If you decide to jump in the middle of the arena and shoot in every direction without thinking about targeting the enemies' weaknesses, you will quickly lose the ammunition. , The strikes you do from the near distance come back again, but the team unfortunately did not add anything to them as they are very few and you will find yourself repeating the same movement for most of the enemies.

There are some new additions such as the Preps, gestures or dances by the twins to increase their life points or reduce damage. There are also several options for the benefits that can be obtained through these gestures. A weapon development system is also provided. For any other gestures or weapon development you will need To the coins that can be collected from the enemies after the elimination of them as you will find hidden in some of the funds and secret areas.

The game offers a system of levels where your power and abilities increase slowly but steadily with each increase in the level and there are several options to develop your power-saving capabilities and to develop the capabilities of the seed There is a special currency for development, you will get one currency to develop with each new level you reach and you can get Those currencies by ending the story and side missions as well.

People who love the experience of playing individually can experiment with artificial intelligence, but playing with other players can make a difference. If you are about to die, you can be rebuilt in a short time by the other player. But if your facilities fail, that does not mean Return to the beginning of the region necessarily where you can get 3 additional attempts from some special funds that allow you to return to play after the time to reschedule and perhaps the development team added this option because of the difficulty of the experience requires a degree of professionalism to fight.

By talking about the content of the game is really huge, you will go through the missions through a metro station from the headquarters of the resistance to the provinces divided by Paris by the Nazis and during the main tasks Abby will call you to ask if you are able to do some additional tasks in the region around you and It is possible to ask you to do several tasks, such as the elimination of a Nazi scientist or the installation of an eavesdropping device and other things, but this content is not compared to the side tasks that can be obtained by members of the resistance, especially as these tasks characterized by exclusive areas.

Collectable content is a variety of character designs and sound recordings as well as Floppy disks. By decoding, you can know the secret codes of some boxes and resources hidden here and there. The game mixes the experience of exploration and exploration with a distinctive choice. You want to kill the Nazis and get to the next leader or the end of the task is possible and if you want to explore the details of the map carefully and collect the secrets of this is also possible.

The basic story will take you about 10 or 12 hours if you have a few side tasks and forget the additional tasks that Abby requires during the basic tasks but if you want to do all the side tasks and collect the elements collectable you will get twice the time with ease and the game Offers a unique number of hours for the game at half the full price.

First, Wolfenstein: Youngblood may not focus on story and film like the previous parts, but it still offers the same characters strange and entertaining with the experience of Offers a huge content to a player who wants to eliminate as many Nazis as possible or wants to explore and search for hidden secrets cleverly, a unique experience for fans of this trend, especially with a full half price.

Thank you for your reading.

by @aymenz.


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