The World Health Organization has called addiction in the video game as a mental illness.

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This is the first time the World Health Organization has listed addictive mental health problems in the video game.

This addict has been identified as a "gaming disease" on the list of disease categories in the international level.
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Drafting a video game in a document refers to addiction as a behavioral problem, it has been said that this behavior has all the features of the addiction, that is, the trend of this game can be seen repeatedly and it is also difficult to get out of it. The "greed of this gaming" also leads to "everything else in life".

In some countries, the game has already been identified as a major health problem for the game.

The list of World Health Organization was prepared in the final review in 1992. The new guidelines will be published in 2018.

These guidelines provide the code of disease, symptoms, and laxity. Doctors and researchers use these guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

It will be said in this guide for at least 12 months to watch and watch. He has become addicted to playing video games, his behavior is not unusual about playing.

"But in some cases, if symptoms are seen in very high doses, they can be diagnosed with less than 12 months of age."

What are the symptoms?
*Lack of control in playing video games (the duration of the game, the intensity of the game, and the number of games)
*Gaming is someone who is putting all other things up
*Regardless of the negative impact of when someone is not able to play video games or increasing the intensity of the game.

Dr. Richard Garyam, a drug addict specialist in London's Nutengel Hospital, welcomed the decision to treat this addiction as a disease.

"This will create opportunities for research on special treatment methods to combat such addiction, and people will take this matter seriously."

But those who believe that such addiction does not have enough logic to treat the disease, they are not blowing their argument completely.

"Children who are really interested in sports, sometimes their parents can make their interest addictive - they can be confused."

He says he sees 50 new patients who are victims of digital addiction every year. He sees how the behavior of these people is being influenced by his life - his sleep, eating habits, social life and education are being harmed.


Dr. Garyam says that it is the most important thing to evaluate whether it has reached the stage of the disease, on the issue, "Is this addiction affecting the nervous system?"

It is now making big problems in many countries of the world. The South Korean government has enacted a new law in which the 16 years old have been banned from midnight to six in the online games.

Their warnings were sent when people playing in Japan played more than a specified period each month.

The big internet company named Tencent in China has set the deadline for how many hours kids will play their most popular games on the Internet.

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Oxford University researched between 8 and 18 years of age, boys have more time spent playing videos than girls.

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