Entering Dark Souls. P2

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Hello! We meet again. This time we will have one or another guest who will keep us company as I tell the stories of our land. Today we won't have a very long introduction, I think both you and I are still excited to continue reading and know more about what happens in the world of Dark Souls. The first part of this story has focused on a general plane where we can see several characters, we can also see different planes where different scenarios are presented.

In the first part we have seen how important events have occurred that trigger other actions throughout history. We have also realized that we are immersed in a dark world where the characters do not show mercy to maintain their status or get more power, each presents a very different character with unique personality that characterizes them at first sight.

A Tragic Secret

There's a secret that not many people know. Seath, that dragon without scales that betrayed his race at some point managed to cross his path Gwynevere, apparently he fell in love with her, but the reality was another. his true desires with her were experiments. Seath wished for the creation of an individual with enormous powers, such as crossing races between giants and dragons. This could mean peace for these two races. The desquamated dragon discussed his idea with Gwyn who gave in to the arguments that Seath presented to him. Thus Seath the desquamated dragon took Gwynevere to his castle and immediately began his experiments to bring to life a creature that would bear the responsibility of bringing peace.

The creation of Seath

Seath began his embryo experiments with Gwynevere and these took months, it was the constant suffering of Gwynevere where he could not see the end. Seath was also affected and suffered but not by pity or grief for Gwyn's daughter, all her pain was due to her failure to achieve her goal. The dragon made use of the magic he had learned with the help of his studies and scientific developments, then catalyzed magic in the form of crystals to accelerate the birth and bring to the gestation of his small creature properties that made him immortal.

At last came the moment that was expected, Gwynevere gives birth. He felt a great relief, he thought that this was the end of his suffering, but the dragon did not share the same thought. He was traumatized, after so many months of work, he had put all his hopes in that "baby". The result was notorious when he saw his creation and what was born, but it was nothing like what he imagined. The baby had to have been born with dragon scales that will cover his whole body in order to give him immunity from lightning, but the baby only got scales on his neck.

Seath was starting to go crazy if he wasn't already. Though the real problem had not been his madness. Everything happens much later, during Priscilla's growth "This was the name given to the baby" she began to develop skills that generated curiosity and intrigue. Gwyn, who had been an accomplice to the creation of the baby with Seath, they had imagined an immortal hybrid being, someone who would be a symbol of life itself.

Priscilla was not only mortal, but also showed life-threatening abilities. Her simple touch could be deadly to beings beneath her. This generated terror in Gwyn, for she thought only that her increase in power would be so great that she would develop the ability to kill the Lords. Then Gwyn and Seath make the decision to order Priscilla's death. Priscilla's mother knows what is about to happen, but she cannot do anything because she is in captivity in a tower of Seath, yet that does not prevent her from turning to her mother Goddess Velka. She is not considered a true deity, but her power was almost as powerful as Gwyn's.

The Persecution of Priscilla

Velka agrees to help her daughter and promises to protect Priscilla. For many years he managed to keep her out of danger, but over time Gwyn learns of the betrayal and lies his wife was hiding. Knowing what he was hiding, he expels her as he did with his first son. But this doesn't stop Velka from giving up, even losing her advantage she was now looking for someone to inform her about Gwyn's steps and decisions from the inside. This is where our dear friend of today comes in, velka asks for help from the Knight of the Wolf, better known as Artorias.

The knight Artorias at that time was part of Gwyn's elite of knights. Four of them were described as "The strongest knights in the whole kingdom". These knights were, Ornstein the Dragon Slayer, who was catalogued as the leader of the elite. The knight who helped Gwyn in the battle against the dragons, himself was Artorias, famous for being recognized as the best hand-to-hand fighter of all. Then we have Ciaran, the lord's blade, who was in charge of clearing Gwyn's path by eliminating his enemies with the help of his mastery in the art of murder. we have Hawkeye, Hawk's Eye and Gough, a giant, a real one. he became known for being an outstanding and formidable archer. With his great skill he was able to hit dragons in mid-flight from miles away thanks to his incredible precision and huge bow.

Gwynevere, still enclosed in the tower, had only one hope of communicating with the outside world. Ciaran, that elite assassin of the king was a very good friend of the princess and she was in charge of transporting the messages carefully between Gwynevere and Artorias."By the way, it is said that Ciaran was deeply in love with Artorias.".

Velka, could not allow her daughter to remain locked in that tower any longer, so she turned to Artorias to help her escape. Artorias was always loyal to Gwyn, until the day of his death. But being aware of the atrocities Gwyn was committing that were committed with his daughter and granddaughter and even with his wife. Gwynevere was able to escape, but shortly before getting lost forever, he asked Ciaran one last favor; it will help his mother to protect her daughter Priscilla.

The escape of Gwynevere

Velka to help his daughter with her escape asked a famous painter "Ariamis" to create a magical painting which would serve as a portal to an imaginary world created by the artist himself, and this painting would be taken to the cathedral inside Anor Londo with the help of Ciaran. To cover any trace of suspicion or intrigue the painting is created with the false excuse of commemorating Princess Gwynevere who was recently disappeared, but her real purpose as you can imagine would be to hide her inside the same painting. Ciaran even created an order of guards in armor similar to hers that would protect the portal.

When everything was where it should be. Priscilla hidden, Gwynevere escorted out of the realm. Ciaran felt the need to confess his betrayal to Artorias, who had also been part of it all. They began to distance themselves from the rest of the knights, they felt guilty for betraying their king, so they began to establish a good friendship united by the weight of guilt.

"It is said that love has arisen, but I can't assure you anything since the story has been going on for many years."

Gwyn wasn't naive. His daughter's disappearance caused him to begin to distrust everyone and in the end he ended up discovering all or at least part of the truth.

Gwyn was furious and tried to unleash hell on both gentlemen. Artorias, the most faithful gentleman had become so fond of his friend that he decided to take a step forward and blamed himself for everything in order to save Ciaran. His act of courage had an effect, and Artorias was the only one punished, his punishment was to travel to the distant lands of Oolacile to enter the darkness of the abyss. Gwyn knew that Artorias was still loyal to him and the gentleman took his belongings and set off for Oolacile, where he would end up being his last place to rest.

Back to Another Principle

Now to understand what happens to Oolacile we must go back to when Gwyn was building his empire.

The question we must ask ourselves in order to explain the events of Oolacile is. What happened to the pygmy? Do you remember that last being who took the small flame that possessed the dark soul?

This will be our BONFIRE! For now it will be all until the next publication has been a pleasure again to do this tour with you, we thank you for your time I hope it has been a fairly pleasant journey. Please remember to leave your comments so that we can continue with the series of publications.

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