Oct 28th Dicing

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Krypto Gamers image.png

Bets: 4,173
Pay(out): 5,770.728 STEEM
Payout(in): 6,057.618 STEEM
Profit: 286.89 STEEM
Max Loss streak: 20

Monthly Profit from 10/10/2019: -458.695 STEEM
Total Profit from 10/10/2019: -458.695 STEEM

Epic Diceimage.png

*need to recharge MANA so will not play Epic Dice untill the MANA is recharged.

Monthly Profit: 32.618
Total Profit from 17/10/2019: 32.618

Steem Dice Games

Krypto Gamers(House Edge 1%): https://kryptogamers.com/?ref=trydice
Epic Dice(HE 2%): https://epicdice.io/?ref=trydice
Cupz(HE 2%): https://cupz.io?referrer=trydice

Legit Crypto Dice Games
Crypto-Games(HE 0.8%): https://www.crypto-games.net?i=WaMtmcxcs8
Duck Dice(HE 1%): https://duckdice.com/a2614bbb64