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Dear Friends, accept our greetings for another successful quarter passed together! The last few months were crucially important for True Flip, and we're happy with the developments taking place. True Flip stays among a few crowdfunded companies having made it all the way through a harsh 2018, and moreover – succeeding.

Since January, we seriously updated, adding a new game (which shows a fine retention rate), launching a long-awaited bonus system, with new packs coming up, and, of course, enabling fiat top-ups with cards and Neteller.

The multiple completed studies brought us an accurate vision of growth triggers to work with. We paused all paid traffic sources, like ad networks and banners, until we manage the unit economics in a more effective way. This resulted in a rather small reach for new members throughout the 1st quarter 2019 – though saved us a bunch of $$.

Eventually, running a fair casino isn’t a profitable enterprise all the time. Our profits depend on the player base and, of course, the share of so-called hi-rollers. Last quarter, True Flip faced the most significant win of all time as a lucky player hit 25BTC in Chain’s Code. We’re completely happy for the guy, though our finance shook heavily. The Token holder fund now counts to minus 1,2 BTC (stats here), meaning no Master Flip this time.

So, what about next quarter? In April, we start another page in the story of True Flip, launching a playground with 500+ game titles from top-20 providers. We believe, with its adorable concept and coolest features planned, will soon challenge top regulated casinos. Also, we will add new promo tools and a partner program with an appealing 40% return to web masters.

Along with external content, two unique new games of our own production - the long-awaited Tony's Reel and another video slot called Roby the Illusionist - are scheduled for launch in Q2. This means our game dev unit keeps working in full swing :)

Moreover, our initial game Flip`s Star is close to launch and will now take part in the brand-new gamification system at Sure, we’ll keep selling tickets – but this story goes far beyond!

We’re also planning to add more payment options, such as Skrill and PaySafeCard.

These moves should multiply the active user audience at least 3-5 times, and there’s more news to come. By the way, we have received numerous questions during a March survey. In a few weeks we’ll prepare a comprehensive Q&A coverage to help our community better understand this company and its team.

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