Baccarat Strategy - Betting system

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My next generation baccarat strategy is making my clients very happy campers.

  • Fully tested in real world live casinos in Las Vegas on 1000's of shoes.
  • Easier to understand -- you can learn the strategy in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee.
  • Safer - protects your bank like never before.
  • More consistent -- hit your goal sooner.
  • Conservative and aggressive modes.
  • Only requires a 6 chip buy-in in conservative mode (6 x $100.00 example).
  • Very easy to average 5 chips per shoe in conservative mode.
  • Professional money management available.
  • Play in local bricks & mortar casinos or on-line casinos.

For those players that can go to Vegas for a long weekend (example), we can play about 10 shoes (or more) and you can typically go home with double+ your bank.


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