Shutting Down, Please Withdraw Your Funds!

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In light of the Steem hard fork 23 stealing a number of users funds from their accounts it has been decided that the site will be shut down at the end of next month, or as soon as users have withdrawn their invested funds. This decision was not made lightly however due to concerns of funds potentially being stolen by the current Steem witnesses I can no longer run anything supporting the blockchain. A sad day for sure although the site will continue and development of the site will continue to be pushed forward. Only thing really left to do is the mobile version before next version is released, will try and get this done before the closing of the site.

Was debating on listing those who currently have balances or invested Steem on the site however due to confidentiality levels wanting to be maintained I'll hold off on this until closer to the end of next month.

At the end of the day it sucks to have to close the site due to uncertainty of safety of anyones funds on the Steem blockchain.. But the current witnesses seem to think it's ok to steal funds right from accounts and with that risk I've no want to continue to support anything to do with the Steem blockchain.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this. Please withdraw your funds ASAP!


Every Single Vote Helps, Thanks for the Support!

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Booooooooooo joking! lol

Needs to be done in light of these current situations on this blockchain.

Can't login though, can you force the withdrawal of my funds? 😇

Funds have been withdrawn to your account. Thank you for investing in!

Thanks very much klye! The moment I can withdraw that and get it to Hive, I will it invest back there.

Alternatively can just change your password to something that you pick on discord.

Sure thing. Would you like the funds in your SR account to be sent to the @takowi account?

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