Love Sports Betting? Free Crypto Assets Giveaway! Listed on Bitfinex!!

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Love Sports Betting? Win up to 2,000 SEER for Free! SEER is listed on Bitfinex

Round 2

Fulham VS Man. City

Premier League, Matchweek 32, kicked off at 12:30 GMT March 30th 2019


  1. Receive 10 SEER automatically for Free after registration of BiBi; BiBi is the official mobile wallet of SEER, download link:

  2. Participant with correct Match Result prediction will get 100 SEER for Free;

  3. Participant with correct Goal prediction will get 2,000 SEER for Free.


  1. Every participant is required to join the official Telegram group of SEER :

  2. Reply the post as followings :

    My Round: Round 2
    My Match Result Prediction: Fulham Win / Draw / Man. City Win ( choose 1 in 3)
    My Goals Prediction: Man. City will score XX goals in the match.
    My Telegram username:

  3. Copy your reply and send them in the Telegram group:

  4. SEER can be bought on 12 exchanges including Bitfinex, Lbank, AEX (, Bitshares ( Both Gdex.SEER and SEER ), etc.

Official Website:
Official Web Wallet:
Official Mobile Wallet:

SEER on coinmarketcap:

Official annoucement from Bitfinex of listing SEER:

Exchanges listed SEER that haven't been included by Coinmarketcap:

More information about SEER:


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