Update: making money with affiliate marketing

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It's been quite a while since I've last posted and my last post was related to me starting a new project - affiliate marketing of sports betting and casino sites.
You can read my last post here.

Now, 4 months later I can give an update on how things have been going.
First of all, I was quite sceptical of the entire thing to start with, however I had an idea and some free time, so still decided to proceed.
I was registering for bookmaker and casino affiliate programs, I was writing reviews and creating new pages on my site - things were going slowly and I was not getting any clicks from google for several months. At that point I did know, that a new site will not get clicks that quick and that I had to wait, yet I still couldn't imagine someone actually opening my site, clicking my referral link, registering and playing - that was pure fiction for me.
Around 3 months down the line I got my first click, it somebody visited my Wazobet Nigeria Sports Betting Site Review page and then somebody else and them some more. That page became rather popular people were finding it, following my link, registering and in some cases even making small deposits. So far, that page is still getting traffic and registrations, however the deposits are very small and so far I have only about $1.5 earned. That's obviously a very small amount, however it is an indication, that things are moving so I am going to keep on working on it.
There are a coupe of other pages, that are also getting traffic, for example 22Bet Nigeria Sports Betting Site Review and Melbet Nigeria Sports Betting Site Review.

That's probably all I can say for now, surprizingly for me - things are moving, so I will post another update later, if and when there will e something new to share.

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