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RE: The BIGGEST mistakes people make when sports betting (and gambling), and how it prevents them from being profitable

in #gambling5 years ago

Very insightful and I agree. Another common mistake is lack of diversification in markets. Most will stick to a particular market (win/loss/draw for example) without the knowledge of the additional underlying markets that exist for a given bet. Talking strictly soccer, I tend to favour team markets (win/loss/draw, both teams to score, under/over 2.5 goals, under/over 3.5 goals etc.) and I'm always looking for the right market for that given fixture at that time.


Yea that's a great point! Sometimes the best play is no play, but if you are adept in many different markets then you can probably find at least one good play a day in some area. I would definitely be worried about newcomers placing bets when they don't fully understand a market though. Like BTTS in soccer, they might think "what are the odds that one team is shut out, so i'm going to bet on all BTTS"

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