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Really good way of going about it by posting both the affiliate and non affiliate links, will do this also myself from now on.

Nitrogen is having a real hard time with the high bitcoin fees and has become more a bookmaker for the bigger players as it's just too expensive. Also they changed their withdraw rules to 1 free weekly withdraw if you deposited 0.05BTC or more. which is very understandable. I've been using them with an eye to increase some of my bitcoin holdings, but underestimated how I'm actually not willing to lose so I turned down my stakes.



I forgot to mention the new withdrawal rule, but it's because I haven't withdrawn since that new rule was put in place earlier this week. I think I read one of your posts and found it funny that I did the exact same thing. I was using .0007 as 1U on nitrogen until bitcoin skyrocketed, then I bumped 1U down to .0005 to protect my investment a little.

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