Grill Out Got Ruined, But The Party Continues On!

in gallerani •  3 months ago


I had the burgers seasoned, the chicken seasoned, the charcoal grill was getting fired up and then...

The rain canceled the grill session. Party's over!

The weather was far from cooperative, but I truly had my heart set on grilling out. Sometimes you just have to give-in and bring the party back inside.

I also forgot to buy buns for the burgers which was my fault, but we made it work.

I had some sourdough bread to use in place of the buns and everything still turned out A-Ok!

Burger Instructions

  1. Heat a pan with some butter
  2. Add burger (either pre-made or homemade patties. I made my own with blue cheese and hot peppers!)
  3. Cook about 3 minutes each side (depending on size of the patty, of course)
  4. Remove from heat
  5. Toast the "bun"
  6. Spread pesto or mayo on the "bun"
  7. Add any other toppings and enjoy!

Here was the final plate (minus the patty, I forgot to put that on before the pic lol)


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Nice receipe. Thanks for sharing

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How sad that the rain will not let you ride the hambuerguesas, anyway the recipe is very good.


Haha hambuerguesas!! Yeah I was kind of sad about it, but it turned out ok!

The recipe was fantastic! I plan to continue using it! Thanks!

Lookin mighty delicious!

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Delicious! The photography looks real, I want !!!!!!
Bon appetite!


Haha thanks!! The photography was super real and I'm glad you liked it!

Wow! This is mouth watering...I really love the diet combination


haha the combo is great!!


Thank you naraskabar!! I'm glad you thought it looked great, I will absolutely continue to post them, thanks for the encouragement!!

Looks like your recipe is good.
And after seeing these picture I think taste will also rock.
Who cares about the weather party is always on.
Thanks for sharing your experience and recipe with us.
Continue posting such good experience.


Thank you!!

From the sight i can tell you are good at it.
Hmm i would have loved to have a taste


Haha thanks!! It would've been great to give you one!!