Another Day, Another Restaurant!! - Testing a New Local Place

in gallerani •  17 days ago

I know I haven't been posting much food content lately, but I've been on a complete bender in terms of writing more of my thoughts down.

I hope you all enjoy hearing a broader repertoire of topics outside of just talking about food. I'm an avid food lover myself, but my interests spread far and wide beyond just comida ;)

Anyway, in addition to writing a little bit about motivation this morning, I also went to a new mexican restaurant near me.

They honestly serve some of the best tacos and burritos I've ever had. I know burritos aren't authentic mexican food (I believe they're an american creation if I'm not mistaken) but they're still delicious!!

Today is yet another cheat day for me as well, so I got to enjoy this meal greatly!!



I usually like to keep my cheat meals as low fat and high carb as possible, but I decided to splurge on some steak (which is a little higher in fat than I normally would eat).

Sometimes you just gotta live life and not worry about everything so much. Progress will come in due time!

Do you have a favorite food joint near you?

What's your favorite menu item to order?

Hit me up in the comments, I'm curious to hear from you!

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looks tasty

Mouth watering

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hola gallerani cerca de mi casa no queda restauran pero acá en Venezuela una comida buena es una tasa de sopa de mondongo con alta carne delicia que al final después de terminarla de comer te deja sudado jajaj en fin muy bonita tu publicación

y bueno soy nuevo en esto simplemente ando en busca de amigos chao

Really deliciuos..
you have a good capture,
well done

Sounds great. I hope you enjoy your time at the restarant

Yummy 😋. Although my stomach is full but feeling hungry again

Wooow lovly for food lovers. Mostly people love to eat out side. And obviously they spent much money to eat and make fun for time.

mmm.. yummy :)

delicioso delicioso

Wow! Looking at this makes me feel hungry the more.

Well, I dont usually eat outside because of high spending...I usually cook by myself.
But my favourite food is salade and jellof rice with enough beef, I consume low salt because of health implications

the food is really good, yeah, that's typical Mexican food, I really like good food like i


haha thanks! I loved the food myself!


Yes, it's the same, now why do you rarely post about eating, there are so many foods that like it

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Good morening

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Going for next shift of meal.
Can't stop my self after watching these delicious things.


haha I gotta eat more myself!! It's hard to look at food all the time!