Time for a New Contest! 1x Delegation and 3x SBI Shares to Win!

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Contest ended! Here are the results.

It has come the time for a new contest, for the month of November!

I hope it'll be much more exciting for everyone, because, well, the prizes are much higher and better than before! Give me a reason to make them even higher and better in the future by engaging in these contests! :)

Here are the prizes for our November contest:

1x 50 STEEM Power Delegation until the Next Month' Contest

3x SteemBasicIncome (SBI) Shares

The rules are as simple as always:

1. Follow @gadrian account so you won't miss the future contests and content.

2. Resteem this contest post so it can reach more people.

3. Share in the comments below what are the top 3 DApps you use the most.

You have time to join the contest until I publish my post on Sunday, November 18th.*

*) A few "extra points" for early participants for giving more time to spread the word.

On my Sunday post I'll announce the winners.**

**) In the unlikely event I won't post on Sunday, I'll announce the winners on the very next post I'll make after that.

Best of luck everyone! :)

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A wonderful initiative, @gadrian!

The initial steps in Steemit were really hard for me too, exactly the way you describe them! However, I build my SP only by contributing with the visuals and the stories I create, being a pro photographer. It took me some time to start understanding how Steemit works, and I have to admit I don't understand it completely yet, but I really enjoy the people and the community here! Having accounts in most of the major social networks, I am quite satisfied with Steemit :)

Here are my top 3 dapps I rely on:

  • @steepshot - I'm a visual guy and predicting the future, I believe Steepshot will eat up Instagram in few years! I create my new posts from them when I am posting one photo or a story with one photo.

  • SteemWorld by @steemchiller - my ultimate entry point to Steemit for checking and managing all important activities in the system. I love how I can see everything important to me in one page.

  • @SteemAuto - because it allows me to instantly support few artists and bloggers who I admire and respect. I am also going to try their feature for scheduling posts which may become handy when I go to longer photo travels, that I do from time to time ;)

Have a great weekend and Steem on!



Thanks Damian, appreciate it!

Yup, it was a steep learning curve too. At least the first two weeks or so, I had hundreds of questions and the answers I found, new questions arose too.

Have you tried @appics yet? If you did, how does it compare to @steepshot?

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First time I hear about them, LOL :)
Wow, their site looks very modern and professional, it took me some time to find they are on top of STEEM though. You wouldn't recommend them otherwise I guess :D
It seems I will have to spend some time to read the whitepaper and try them.

Thank you!


I'm glad I could help. They are newer than Steepshot and had a successful ICO at the beginning of the year as far as I remember. But I haven't used it, my photo skills usually mean taking an image from Pixabay. :)

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...and to partially answer your question, I really enjoy Steepshot, I even joined their Discord server. They constantly work to enhance the service and what I love in particular is the curation team that manually checks the new posts and upvote when they find something of good value. They upvote most of my visuals, so I am really glad I found them ;)


Thanks for these details. I haven't posted with Steepshot in quite some time.

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Wow. great prizes!

The three Dapps I use the most are

  • SteemWorld
  • eSteemSurfer
  • SteemPlus

Awesome! Thanks for joining!

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Hi, thanks for this contest! I use the most:

1. steemnow
2. steemd
3. steemhunt


Thanks for joining the contest and for sharing your top 3 Dapps!

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Wow Nice contest my friend....


Thank you!

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Great support initiative, @gadrian. It's good to have steemians trying to help the little ones. The applications that I use more are; steemd, steemsupply and steemworld. Good luck to all participants.


Thank you @aurodivys! Don't forget to resteem if you want to participate! ;)

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I resteemed your contest @gadrian.

Here are tha Dapps I use the most:

  1. @steepshot
  2. @share2steem (@emaferice uses it)
  3. @dtube

P.S. I also use @steeveapp sometimes.


Nice! Thanks for sharing with us @chrisrice!

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Salut Adrian!
Super cool initiative to run a contest like this and i hope in time it will become more and more popular. As you know i am following you for a long time and i have resteeem the post as well for a better exposure...
The DApps that i am using the most are: @steemhunt, @actifit, @dlike... i like a lot the ones that i mention and i even have delegated to @actifit 659 Steem Power as i do think this project will be very successful.
If it is to be one of the lucky winners i will prefer to have one SteemBasicIncome (SBI) Shares, as for the moment i am really busy and i am not as active as i was before on Steemit, so the Steem Power delegation can help somebody else much more... and if i am not wrong the SBI Shares there are for lifetime so it will help me on the long run!
Have a great day and always Steem On!


Salut George!

Yes I know and thank you for following me and resteeming the contest.

Thanks for the responses too, and for sharing your preferred prize, in case you will be a winner.

Yup, I use @actifit every day too, have delegated to it as well, and with the announcement of imminent support for wearable devices, I think it's one step closer to adoption outside Steem.

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I read as well today that they are closing in on having integration with the Fitbit family of wearables, and i totally agree that this is one step closer to adoption outside Steem.
I am really curios to see what it will be the value of one Afit token, once it will be officially lunched... by the way do you have any predictions?
As well when you have time maybe you can write a review about Partiko, i see more and more people using it.


No, I don't have any prediction about AFIT price, when it will become tradable for STEEM.

About Partiko, I have recently started using it. Many people use it for comments and upvotes, to get points. These points can be exchanged for an upvote to your post created with Partiko, for example.

Not sure what's better. dlike or Partiko for comments. One gives a future SMT token, the other points. Interesting alternatives.

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Salut .Frumos contest
I used @actifit @share2steem and
@steemnow all every days.


Salut... Am dat premiile ieri... O sa editez postul ca sa fie clar ca s-a terminat.


Ok.Nu este nici o problema nu am postat neaparat pentru premiu.Ma gandeam ca faci si un clasament al app folosite pe Steemit


Da, pentru asta multumesc, raspunsul este util si poate mai aflam unii de la altii ce tool-uri si dapp-uri folosim.