Protect your children! With Noson minim LED Backpack

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Protect your children! More visibility in road traffic means more safety. Basically we are all aware of the problem and actually we would know how to solve it: We would simply have to dress ourselves and especially our children more "visibly". Especially in darkness or poor visibility, colours and details are difficult to recognise.

Noson MINIM LED Backpack

But it is also safer to be visible during the day. What sounds so simple and logical cannot necessarily be implemented so smoothly and without conflict in family life.
It already starts with the fact that kindergarten and school children don't want to put on their light ribbons and safety vests any more because they are simply not cool enough.

Noson has the right solution for you. The Noson Minim LED Backpack! From now on you can decide for yourself what kind of pictures, texts or even animations should run on the backpack. Is your child Spiderman FAN? Then simply load a Spiderman animation onto your backpack. Already you have solved this problem elegantly. You can be sure that the backpack will never be left lying around again 😎

Unfortunately all backpacks are sold out. In 2-3 weeks we should get supplies 🥳

Maybe one of you still needs a great Christmas present? Just leave a short comment here. Then I will let you know as soon as the backpack is available again.

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