Gadget review: OrbitKey

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Another day, another gadget.

39 degrees. Scorching. Outside, everything looks still and ready to accept their faith.
Summer is here, global warming be damned, we each find out salvation where we can: cats under cars, dogs in dark corners looking half-dead and people under caps, hats with bottles of water attached to their veins.
I found myself at home, in my rather chilly basement. A few cokes by my side, a laptop and the phone, I smirked fully sure that I won't have to get out of the house until night-time, if that! What could compel me to do so: NOTHING!

Huh? A silhouette is moving away from my door and there's something new on the pavement of my yard. I THOUGHT I had heard something though I can never be sure. And yes, it is, a small package. I grown. I want it...but I also can't really go out, can I?
Minutes pass, I can see the package from my pavement-level window, cooking in the sun. Damn it. I need to go save it. I put on a hat and open the door. I feel a bit like Sarah Connor in that dream in Terminator:2. You know the one where the bomb of fire eats her skin, meat and leaves her but a skeleton. Opening the door, the heavy hot air takes over me. I can't breath for a second but then I recover.
I say a prayer for the postman who, somehow, did his shift today for me to get my gadget and I move back in the shadow.
What did I risk my life for, you wonder?!

What is this OrbitKey. It's essentially a cool key-chain with some extra features, very nice aesthetics and an ok price. I got this rubber black beauty and it's just as nice as in the photos.

The set up is easy, fast and intuitive. But first, the favorite part of anyone buying stuff: unboxing :)


Now all I had to was unscrew it, put the keys, screw it back and that's kind of it.


Oh yeah, it worked like a charm ( though I am unsure if I could put 7 keys as they promise...with 3-4 seems to be an optimal number.


Me being me I could not resist temptation and I bought a little extra. Those IPAs don't open themselves, won't they?!


Aye, that looks amazing :) I'm so happy that I can't wait to take it out...unfortunately it's still like 37 degrees so I might need to wait until midnight when no one will see it because it's black. That's that, I'll know :)

For the most fancy of you, there are leather option as well. They have a new one in "coffee". Fancy, I tell you.

A great practica gift that does not break the bank! Get it here and you get 10% off if you subscribe to their newsletter.

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I am using Key Smart, and actually don't need bottle opener, since I open bottles with any side of it. But this Orbitkey looks quite good.


This looks boss!

I have the KeySmart which is a similar idea with a metal body that came out first. But I think the Orbit looks better - easier to add keys, more comfortable to hold and actually has a bottle opener that works (KeySmart one is a PITA to use). Thanks for the review.


PITA :)) yeah just used it. love it :D

Seems legit! Doesn't seem so practical for car keys though. Myself I use a sprint from a hand grenade.


no way! do you have a photo?!?!


Seems to have missed this comment somehow, but here you go. It's not really that cool looking but it's durable as f*ck.

I like the power button sympol on it
But how does the matterial feel when you brush by it with your hand?


It feels like LOVE

This looks very useful. Have you tried any oversized keys with it, like a large car key? I might be worried that it is not compatible or fit with all keys.

Very nice post

I like a lot this gadgets, it is very useful and practical

This looks cool except what about the key fob for my car?