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Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand


Take your remote charging background to the following dimension with the Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand.
Accessible in dark sapphire or white, the new remote charging stand enables you to charge your perfect Galaxy gadget up to 1.4x quicker than standard remote charging transmitters*.
Utilizing Samsung's Fast Charge innovation, the stand can exchange a quicker charge to the gadget when utilized with the included Fast Charge divider charger.
The Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand is shutting the hole in speed among remote and wired charging! The stand is additionally in reverse perfect for any Qi-empowered gadget so you can charge those gadgets remotely at standard rates.

In the Box:

Remote Charge Stand

Client Manual

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Remote Charging Convenience

Bid a fond farewell to tangled wires and lost charging links. The Samsung Wireless Charging Stand uses Qi Inductive Charging Technology that kills the need to bungle with charging links each time you need to charge your gadget. Ideal for at home or the workplace, the committed charging stand is dependably primed and ready, giving remote power at whatever point you set your gadget on the stand. The stand was intended to enable you to in any case utilize your gadget while charging, propping it up so you can explore music, survey warnings and answer calls without hindering charging.

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The Samsung Wireless Charging Stand is anything but difficult to set up and use. To begin with, associate the charging stand to your gadget's charging link and after that place your telephone on the stand. For ideal execution, your gadget ought to be set in the focal point of the stand.

The inherent LED marker light will caution you if the gadget isn't appropriately adjusted and when a decent charge arrangement is gained.

An extra Samsung Fast Charge divider charger is incorporated with the stand. In the event that a non-Samsung or Samsung charger underneath 2A is utilized, you may harm the charging stand.

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