Bitcoin Is A Concept In Which We Measure Our Wealth

in fyrstikken •  last year

Bitcoin Is A Concept In Which We Measure Our Wealth. I say it again; Bitcoin Is A Concept In Which We Measure Our Wealth.

I hope you enjoyed my song :)

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Lyrics. So you can sing along

Bitcoin is a concept,
In which we measure our wealth.

I’ll say it again.

Bitcoin is a concept,
In which we measure our wealth.
This wealth.

I don’t believe in magic money
I don't believe in getting rich overnight
I don't believe in Flibber
I don't believe in juan carlos
I don’t believe in gobbstopper
I don't believe in cryptokeeper
I don't believe in swapman
I don't believe in akmix
I don't believe in wonkeytonkey
I don't believe in canada
I don't believe in satoshi
I don't believe ashdrake
I don't believe in fontas
I don't believe in wolong
I don't believe in bitcoinviper

I just believe in me
You and me
and thats reality

The dream is overnight
and its time to put your game on
what more can I say
go extremely long
The dream is over
did you buy the dip
yesterdays dip

I was the shit coin singer
Now I been reborn
I was the guy that made ashdrake famous
now I’m just here all alone

And so dear friends
You just have to carry on
Its not over till its over

Too the moon…..


You're welcome, sir.


I only buy high and sell to steem.


totally ¯_(ツ)_/¯

thanks for the upvote, I like your stuff - espacially the music. 'take a mayor mortage on your house and go all into bitcoin' totally got me =)


lololol, I am glad to hear that :D


of yourse it is 'major'.... but i aint got no house, so I bought ether =)


Buy something Cheap with something Expensive ;)

Finally the god of music has arrived! Let the Voice Ring from the Bitcoin heavens to the alt coin hells!



who is flipper and the others you mention?? Central bank bosses or what?
I guess you believe in bitcoin
I believe in dash, steem and bitcoin
you dont believe in satoshi??

I believe more in DASH now :)

I really enjoyed your song. You have a fabulous timbre!


Well, that's bingo....
I would appreciate you share this on my wall.... It's amazing to know how people are benefiting through digital marketing :-)

Better than Nick Cave, man, great song!!!


Great stuff do you have there in soundcloud!

Nice info men! i share!

Yes, it is like bitcoin evangelism.... nice... ! :)

Hahaha! Nice song! Man I enjoyed it!

Nice song, you are quite an artist!