@fyrst-Witness - What they think we do VS what we actually do!

in fyrst-witness •  8 months ago

It is a pleasure to give you insight into how @fyrst-witness makes your transactions go through, when given the opportunity to solve a STEEM block in 3 seconds, and able to scale up with the ever growing super people that is all of you steemians!

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I love you @fyrstikken, you are like a big brother to me in the Internet. Thank you for being a great witness.


Agreed, he is Blockchain kindred.

your contribution always benefits many small fish ... thanks sir. i like you


Dude... det du har dytta i deg virka i hvert fall... 🤣

solberg English for the win :P u got my vote good sir
its funny people are count on Witness to make a blog some app and have a server its a lot of stuff to do.

incredible postings, the story is very interesting, you are very relaxed, while drinking coffee, I really like

Thanks for sharing this dtube. I like it this Post.
I appreciate your valuable Post..........

Wow very nice computers
I like it block chain
I appreciate your fyrst-witness

Nice T-shirt! Bitcoin rules!


just what I wanted to say! ))) you was faster)))

Great computers
I appreciate post

I am a new user in steem, you and your friends are a steam promoter. I feel bad when new users like me are introduced to the platform, I give up because they are not recognized and no detail explained. Your team and you do a good job with recognize the user completely and I will be happy to be part of your team.

In middle of the night, or middle of the day or in the middle of something else


I don't have a Bitcoin T-Shirt but I do have a Bitcoin coffee mug :-D!

Wow great post dear

I appreciate your post..Thanks for sharing this post.

Keep it up...

Great content choice

Keep it up..And i will for your next post..👌👌😜

Da, složio sam se s tobom. Veoma sam srećan što čujem da ste zahvalni prijatelju

The time has come no more YouTube, Facebook,Twitter or even aws Amazon open source Linus is a hero

Great, greetings!

Massive respect. I appreciate the time you've taken to show your commitment and the reasoning behind what you do.

Voted first for the wisdom gained, voting now because I somewhat understand the effort, time and dedication involved.

thanks for sharing this post i appreciate your dtube ..Best of luck ..

I will vote now. I just found out you are running a witness.


gracias por el apoyo, siempre hay una esperanza

Nice computers man, keep up the good work

Nice write uup Sir... It indeed promote the platform for good.... I love it

hello friend of your post is very beautiful

Great content.i appreciate your post

Thanks brother.thanks for sharing

I miss fyrst arguing with flibbr and Bitvix, Adam etc

a useful post and worthy of the word in the stack so beautiful .. salute successful fyrst, support for @ tasier22 that has not been successful

Thank you for showing us what you do. You look so tired!

Thanks to for sharing... You inspiration to me.. good luck too all..

Everyone in Poland talk about on bitcoin like a its a wonderfull idea but this is virtual money its not stability .Th one day action up and tommorrow everyone loose money live someone invest this.

Where are you from?

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you are just great that see @fyrst-witness,,great computer sir

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I love this video.

No edits, no effects, no sleep, no B.S.

Keep it real!

What you are doing, drinking with a glass of water that will make your body legit

i want to bring witness to my d 0 w/(h) e (a)d https://steemit.com/g0fig/@xubrnt/ned-steemit