What Is Function X blockchain?

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12a6c5ba19088070916.pngAt the time when the first crypto was created using Blockchain technology was created has just aimed to get financial freedom from the bank, Borderless transaction and low fee transaction. But during this introduction Blockchain technology has gained so much attention from scientists, engineers, and industrialists and they see lots of opportunities in Blockchain technology and during these 11 years, they had also done so many experiments and executed extremely use case of Blockchain technology for example:- data storage in blockchain, smart contract, blockchain for election, logistic control, banking, and so on.

From the above examples, you may guess that is there any other extream use case of Blockchain technology? What can be the best use of Blockchain technology?

So ladies and gentleman introducing "FunctionX"; the Blockchain internet. Now you can say this is the best use of Blockchain technology. FunctionX is creating a complete ecosystem for a decentralized internet.

What Is A Decentralized Internet?

1*aqwJPOJjDP1sjor1XNcxCQ.pngThe internet we are currently using centralized internet which relies on particular servers that can be blocked, hacked and can be controlled by a group of people. But a decentralized internet relies on a peer-to-peer network built on a community of users. All the devices connected to this network are combined host the internet so here the problems due to centralized internet can be tackled.

Why We Need Decentralized Internet?

With current centralized internet our data which are getting stored somewhere on the server which laterally can be used for the analysis of our interest to show us ads, govt can take our data, in case of server hack our privacy can get harmed, And some time govt ban the internet. So we need a decentralized internet.

How FunctionX Will Make Decentralized Internet?

1*47edqaISGRT7ZwrLvZ4Hjw.pngFunctionX is going to create a complete ecosystem of decentralized internet where each and every component will be the completely decentralized alternative of centralized internet.

Without going so deep I will give you an overall summary so you can understand well about the technical terms of the FunctionX ecosystem even if you are not belonging to a technical background.

Internet is consists of following important things like Https, servers, IP and an input/output device (computer or mobile) and an os in the input/output device.

So here in FunctionX ecosystem, you will get a FunctionX OS which is an alternative to our current centralized OS where OS can be programmed to obey admin instruction like showing you ads, take your data in the background, etc. FunctionX OS is the android based OS that can act dual characters like normal mode and blockchain mode so, in blockchain mode, it can code all your data (message, phone call, etc)into a decentralized form.

The decentralized version of Https is FunctionX FXTP which will process all your quarry in a consensus mechanism rather than a client-server based decision-making mechanism. In Https the sever controller can control your data or can monitor it and sometime after the govt order server controller ban you to use that server but FXTP can save you from that so no one can ban anything now because the internet is for everyone.
And the other two important components of the FunctionX ecosystem are FunctionX IFPS and FunctionX DDocker. FunctionX IFPS will help to save our data in a distributed system so can if some node gets destroyed still you can recover your data but when a server holds your data it can easily hackable and can lose if sever got damaged. And FunctionX DDocker helps Dapp developers to easily create and deploy decentralized apps in the decentralized web. and finally, a question may come to your mind that what about the decentralized device? so let me tell you FunctionX has lunched BOB(Blok On Blok) the world first blockchain phone powered by FunctionX and actually this is a node of the decentralized internet so to know more about BOB stay tuned and to buy BOB you can use following links

Website, Facebook,Twitter, Medium, Telegram, Youtube

Presell link- Click here

Bitcointalk username- pramodini55
*Bitcointallk link- https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2282382


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