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in fuuny •  6 months ago

When it's your first time with a girl and you're trying to look like you know what you're doing

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Practice makes perfect buddy

Grab a few grapefruits and get fingering


it's the worst when you get some juice in your eye


Really bad bad practice.

Yeah now we all understood it's your first time :D

Specially if it happens in your wedding day. We can assume how things will be going on that night lol :D



is that him as well? shit they honestly all look the same to me


Hahaha amazing funny.


Thanks for sharing this funny post.

When sex with a girl for the first time in six months.


they don't call me the milkman for nothing


The First Time You Have Sex and she ask you to eat pussy.


hmm if you do it fast you can get it over and done with quickly


Very interesting funny sir..


Beautiful funny..


A beast from the east.

First time i had sex with a prostitute and my experience was similar to this.


how much did you have to pay him to try to fuck you up the ass?

and the cherry pops

gif from giphy


err no he's doing it wrong
you're not meant to break your own knob off like that...


Thanks for sharing..


I like it funny sir..


Always unload your gun before going on a date!

hehe so funny meme like this

wow, boss fantastic funny video.

this matter was great funny hahaha

Party at the amazing amazing funny

Oh amazing funny 😂

I appreciate your meme boss..

Hahaha amazing funny...

I know that what i have to in first time . I something learned with my other girlfriend image_search_1527827129170.gif


When you don't know what to do.

hahaha so amazing funny @traf

Very funny meme. I liked it. Thanks for share

Lol. When you first time, then just continue :)


She's the champ

HHH that's a great funny @traf..

Hahaha so very wonderful funny post

Lol. When you have everything for the first time, look for experienced women :)


Please don't invite me in.

Wow really amazing funny.
I appreciate your funny @traf

But then you cant find the right hole, which results in a different kind of mourn than you hear in the porn youve be practicing with.
Yea, bounce on that....oh oh sorry . I shouldnt be there

When you bust a nut and want an open mouth ASAP.

lol ,when i was at first date i was chased by some huge no. of dogs and my girlfriend came to my rescue
that was ultimate bullshit


and the no. of days my relationship last was
less than these dogs


What the excitement ? Lol


Wonderful funny post..

Here is my first time, I have not even found a hole.


Very beautiful funny..

@traf then you got the trophy to give her a perfect shower :)

Girls shouldn't open black guys coca-cola Xd !

@traf It's so tough to handle +_+

Thanks all steemit friends kk

So when the man goes to have sex for the first time and thinks he is eating it

He never stopped laughing El Potro Alvarez thought he was left over

So when you're with your girlfriend and you want to show off

Surprised it lasted that long

Lol, when you are first with a girl, you need to gradually get used to communication, otherwise the process can get out of control, hahaha