An ARG at the next level: Future Re-Enactment

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There has been a fair amount of discussion lately of the power of games in learning and education and since ZS has decided to run part of itself as an ARG with a goal of stimulating interest for practical chance it is worth considering existing examples with some similar aims and methods. The upcoming contest which is linked in a previous post on the matter is thematically based and relatively low level role play. It is generally a good format for settings where people are not necessarily terribly interested in engaging in full RP and are probably not going to commit all that deeply in any case. But there are plenty of people now who are taking every deeper interest in futurism and what it offers. The number of individuals who identify as transhumanists is increasing year on year and the numbers are probably there with sufficient density to set up deeper efforts in this direction.

To begin a consideration of what other groups we can look at we first need a broad survey of what is out there that might have bearing on what a Futurist world might look like. Good categories to consider are: LARPs or Live Action Role Playing games, Re-Enactment Groups, Intentional Communities, and Virtual Worlds. These categories will be considered in detail in successive posts.

Futurist organizations should seriously consider building a fully in-world setting where people can play out the scenarios of the future more deeply and with as full a level of immersion as possible. These can take the form of real world interactive environments and games or virtual settings. Ideally both would co-exist and create the maximum range of options for potential participants to find a format that best suits their needs and desires.

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