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The Press

Motherboard writes yesterday:

We Are Truly Fucked: Everyone Is Making AI-Generated Fake Porn Now

A user-friendly application has resulted in an explosion of convincing face-swap porn.

From The Verge, about a year ago:

Watch a man manipulate George Bush’s face in real time

TNW, two days ago:

I trained an AI to copy my voice and it scared me silly

The Future

What will the world look like when anyone can simulate anyone else's voice or face, realistically, in realtime, from publicly available data?

What will social media look like when face swapping anyone or any expression on any image or video, real or rendered, is a few taps away?

What about when this is applied to writing or texting styles?

Already, seeing is not believing. Soon, this technology will be everywhere, and a lot of the things we took for granted in society will no longer hold true.

It's not just advertising and video chats; this will be done in realtime for news, presentations, all manner of things. The resolution and accuracy will only increase with time. Soon, videos like the one of Eric Garner that spawned an entire movement will be rendered relatively powerless due to their perceived inadmissibility in the court of public opinion, as anyone will be able to generate anything that looks like implication for any person or group they don't like. The real whistleblowing videos will get lost in the cosmic background radiation of a continuous and contiguous internet outrage (at almost entirely manufactured and extremely realistic-looking content produced to drive someone's specific agenda).

This is a really interesting future we're faced with. Right in the middle of the generation when everyone got a networked video camera in their pocket, video and audio was rendered irrelevant as a primary source for independent decision-making.

Hold on to your butts.

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Identity verification and management is a huge business opportunity. And it will only become bigger.

Good article!

That's insane, just yesterday I randomly stumbled upon this video:

and it didn't even cross my mind that this can probably be done with faces too.

I think the immutable blockchain and history of users will be a big part of knowing what is real news from the real people and what isn't, that is if they don't give away or have their posting keys taken from them. :/


That is so crazy how we are able to distort reality, but then again what is reality? Perception is everything, amazing clip, the future is both terrifying and amazing at the same time

Dear @sneak - I see you are downvoting all my content that calls into question the validity and reality of recent "attacks", as reported by the MSM. Yet, I see here by this post that you realize deep fakes are easily possible with current consumer technology, and will proliferate in the future.

So, I ask the following question: What makes you believe that organizations and governments are not already creating false events (deep fakes) in order to steer public discourse?

scary times ahead indeed.

I have never really thought about that or more in an entertaining way but yes it will get abused....

real information will become more valuable from really trustful sources but to find them will get even harder if you dont know what you can trust anymore.

It is a bit like loosing your mind


keep everyone in a state of perpetual overload and confusion then keep them just well enough to work , wash rinse repeat

Can't wait to see how this will be used in warfare, assuming forms of it already have been for quite some time
as for the butts part , clench

Am I the only one super excited about our incredibly sci-if future? Yeah it comes across dystopian but we can’t be 100% I personally look forward to uncanny valley. I personally want to become android so my opinion is bias

It is crazy how fast technology is evolving. AI seems almost inevitable at this point. I still don't know how to feel about the rise of AI, I guess it depends on whether these machines find us useful and decide not to wipe us off the planet.

On a side note, as amazing as it is with some of the advancements we've made, there are still a lot of dumb people everywhere. Take for instance the current "Tide Challenge" going around, maybe its natures way of population ccontrol

Technology is a blessing and a curse.

True all of that. Maybe we will have some way of blockchain confirming things like that.. Something like Vechain does but for video.. I think of current renditions like fake tweets and facebooks posts and even now, as rudementary and as easy as they are to confirm as fake, they still cause problems. Like fake Trump tweets and etc.. Real whistleblowing I fear does get lost as is in the some dark corner of some deep web forum while fake news and propagandized conspiracies flood the forums to confuse everyone. Moving that into our visual field will be even more scary times indeed.

Interesting. It reminds me of the suit people where wearing in the movie waking life. I haven't seen the whole movie.

very nice and interesting post.

I get new information and insights.

Technology is racing way ahead of the law. You can't put the genie back in the bottle. The concept of what constitutes evidence will have to change. 'truth' is already nebulous for some

Everything is moving to a futuristic place, it's amazing but scary at same time.

Thank you for Sharing informative article. Good job!


Wahh parah yaa jaman sekarang

I hope you've seen this video before. AI is capable of doing scary things these days and this is just the beginning! Indeed we better be well hooked! This kind of thing could make a power head of state say anything and start a nuclear war in seconds!

That's scary technology!! But so real, we just wanted Black Morrors and it is really exciting in same time truly scary to see where technology will bring us

What do you think about the AI's that are already talking about world domination and keeping humans in their zoo?