Cryptocurrencies Are The Most Important Technological Advance Since The Internet

Jeff Berwick on Almost Here, FutureTech Podcast. Topics include: the importance of freedom, the central banking scam, the TDV newsletter, the crypto evolution, be your own bank, crypto is still in the early stages, a world changing technology, crypto vs fiat, F.U.D. and propaganda, getting started with Bitcoin, Bitcoin security, constant change, exchange hacks, holding your own private keys, huge opportunities, EOS and Dan Larimer, knowing the crypto space key to altcoin investment, voting with your money, a peaceful revolution.

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EOS plains on having password recovery.

bitcoin 50k by dec 2018

yeaaaaahhhh i hope you dont mean in rubel :-)

True, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies advancements will financially affect the majority of citizens in both underdeveloped and developed nations, which is already happening and impacting the lives of many people due to its decentralized attributes. This technology will ultimately leads to a more advanced, democratic and independent society.

Exactly, I see everyone soon becoming so independent via cryptocurrencies, only those who haven't heard are missing out.
This is why I keep sensitizing people especially youths to get involved.

Everything I know about blockchain and crypto comes from my brother. Been following since 2014

The ultimate freedom is through cryptocurrencies. No longer can a bank, government, etc tell us what we can or can not do with our money.

Long live the future!

What is everyone's BTC prediction for the end of the year? Think it can hit 40K??

This is epic, thank you as always Jeff!

Boy that is a smack in the face to Al Gore, inventor of the internet.

Great article, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

I agree with this 100%, I also think we will see the dot com bubble crash as well, because there are so many altcoins that don't have a value, only the great projects will survive and continue to evolve.

Also, if you are looking to get some tokens without investing or mining check out Crowdholding ( They are a co-creation platform were you get rewarded for giving feedback to crypto startups on the platform. You can earn Crowdholding's token as well as DeepOnion, ITT, Smartcash and many other ERC-20 tokens.

cryptomontages have become the weapon feared by bankers and big governments, the diversification of the economy I think is a solution for many today, especially in my country

Amazing times we are living in. People who understand this new fintech era are visionaries and history will be made.

It's true. But for those people who are still not on crypto boat, they call cryptocurrency a scam. Yes, everytime I talk about it they always tell I got scam and jump out while I can.

Here Here!
Let the new generation rule.

Blockchain technology has so much potential. I hope it gets to reach that potential.

nice to see you here jeff !!!

This is 100% true. The markets have established that Crypto is going NOWHERE and should start to be embraced. The public and large companies are mostly still running and when they came around I believe bitcoin will be around 500K per coin as I have posted about.

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