Humans of tomorrow.

in #futures2 years ago

What is tomorrow ? It is a story. It doesn't exist and it never will.
Tomorrow is a story which change at the same time it is created.

Try to think multidimensional : when you create futures, you fix some possibilities and close others forever.
Tomorrow is a choice, but we don't choose the future we want, we only choose to close some.


If tomorrow is a story, "humans of tomorrow" are too. If we can't predict futures, we can't predict future human being. Sci-fi movies and books, which are so loved stories, close doors ! If we continue to write and read dystopia, it remain no place for utopia.
We need to create idealistic futures to reopen closed doors and free us from our so limited imagination.


Reality is a dream, our main dream. It's inspired by our imagination. If we dream, we can get materials to build dreamed futures. If we stay rational and close minded, like "realistic people", we only live our depressions.

It's time to write better stories about our future. It's time to allow a full expression of our imagination. It's time to live our new and fresh dreams.

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