The Importance of Crytpo in my Life

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-Crypto is a change agent in my life it teaches me how to read more info about the ecosystem.
-Makes me aware of what really money is and how it is rigged and serving only the government (good or bad) and the bankster.
-Being in the cryptographic world gives you the power to control your own money.

Advantages of Knowing a Little Bit about Crypto Ecosystem:

  1. This makes me aware that i can control my own money though at this point of my life and portfolio i have in steem and steemit is quite little But I Know No Matter How small my portfolio is for now But someday this will also grow just like mustard seed describe in the bible that grows to very very huge tree.

  2. This makes me aware also how easily I can blow my money so fast in those double your bitcoin investment scheme. They are in all places in social media platform may it be telegram, facebook, youtube..But i know I learn form all of those setbacks it is all part of the process.

  3. Putting your hard earned money in bitcoin, steem in steemit teaches you now to listen, watch and learn from the evolution of money and its uses. And investing time and money really really help me to study, read and participAte in the ecosystem of steem. You cannot help but be excited on the process Everyday of your life or my life. I am into constant nad never ending improvement of my life MODE because of steemit in steem.

4)Investing in @tipu by @cardboard really makes me excited and understand compounding really was and i am very very excited how my life 10 years from now. putting my trust in the project of @tipu and read all there publications in an easy and understandable way.

That is all for now...

Shout out to @cardboard and @tipu you guys is so genius and incredible.


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