Are you ready to give up?

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Everything looks like shit.

Steem looks horrible.

Bitcoin looks like it is going to 1k. We never had a bull market with more than two red months. Now we are in the 4th.

Ethereum looks like it is going to $15, similar picture as with bitcoin, we seem to be going down from a bull trap.

The stock market looks like it is about to fall over and crash 50% into our next recession.

The Economic war USA is fighting with China and Europe seems start to have effects on the bottom line of the economy.

don't shoot.JPG

Are you still fighting and investing or have you given up.

Asking for a friend?

Let me know how you are prepared for the future and what it looks like to you

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Nice piece of thought there @knircky. For me- an entreprenuer - giving up does not exist, its not an option. I fight till the end. I keep on writing, investing and doing all I could to make reasonable investment now. At a time like this when even common sense demands that you give up, successful people are made. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
Cryptos will recover - someday!!!

Precious metals.

I have two key bets right now in that direction:

  1. Gold. Though unfortunately only via GLD (i am not aware of how to buy gold spot and store it physically). Chris can buy gold via his bank spot and store it (pay a little for it of course). I kinda don't want to buy gold coins and pay a 10% vig twice when I buy and sell. How do you buy your metals?
  2. Also have a bet for the FED Funds Rate to go down. I am doing this via the ZQ future

I've been using GoldMoney at the recommendations of some people in the SSG community. What are your thoughts on Silver?

I don't really know much about betting on the fed funds rate, but I would imagine that almost everyone would be betting on that going down, so further reductions are priced in, no?

I don't understand why people whose main objective is a high return buy physical metals as oppose to stocks, or a basket of stocks.

GLD is up $20 or about 17%, Gold itself is up 25% or $300 per oz. While GDX which is a gold company ETF as opposed to physical gold is up 45% year to date! Many gold stocks in my portfolio have doubled or more this year because their profits increase with gold times a multiplier. Another option is to buy leveraged options.


Bought some gold, will move most of my saving into investment property.

I started buying physical silver again. Just seems like the safe asset at the moment. Just don't know how low everything will get when they crash economy.

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Give up -- no way
I think this is gonna be a great opportunity (even for minnows) to get as much as crypto.
and I have been always a strong believer in crypto. I'll still go with crypto.
although I purchased 500 steem at $1.7 and now it's $0.13 but I think that's my opportunity to invest my next $5000 in crypto.
Also I am gonna create my own token in steem in the next 12-15 months (well that's too much but I just completed my high school graduation -- so, basically I need time to make my pocket enough warm to have some steem token as my spare money...)

well that's my opinion let's me know what u think about it...

I generally given up

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Usually when people are ready to give up or throw in the towel, it is a good time to buy. :)

I think bitcoin is going to be just fine, the rest I am not sure. I think stocks will start going up again shortly as well. With rates going to zero and QE in many different countries likely to start up (if it isn't already) assets priced in dollars are going to go higher.

In times like these buy commodities, precious metal mining companies and defensive (negative or low correlation with the market) stocks. If you expect more rate decreases bonds are a good idea too.

I'm more of a glass-half-full kind of person, and I am never ready to give up unless I decide to stop doing something else. Then I just try to learn from the old experience and work with optimism on the new one.

Steem looks horrible.

That is kind of a general statement, but yes I feel sad for all the little people we have lost post-fork. It has been a very hard month for that reason. For myself, I am getting somewhat better upvotes to my posts and more than 2X the curation rewards, so I feel hope. If/when the crypto space recovers, I will be doing fine.

For now, with low prices, a lot of generous STEEMers who value my work help me in diverse ways. This is how I can keep going here.

BTC, Ethereum stocks - I do not have any of those so do not pay much attention. All are manipulated, as far as I know. As is STEEM, and pretty much anything else of value. Buy the dip, sell the peak is all I can advise.

I'm in SE Asia and see almost nothing of the western world here. Everything is from Asia, the Middle East, Africa - and no one even talks about the west in my 3+ years of experience here. I do not hang out with expats though so they might be on the topic. I do not see much trade from the west at all, so I do not think about that in my daily life.

I am not investing except in sp to try to grow my blog. I'm prepared to wake up tomorrow and try again. I hope I get the chance and will do my best if I do. I live in the present and think tomorrow will always be a better day.

Maybe think of thriving instead of fighting. And if you still have a tv - get rid of it :)

@knircky, I love Steem Space. I don't know what will happen in future but i am moving forward with Steem Blockchain and will allow my journey to let it flow. Stay blessed.

Dear @knircky, comparing with 2018, this year is not so tragic, we saw Btc rising over 12,000 usd and now is not fall down till 3,000 like last year and Steem is a bit rising positions on ranking (now 78).
Of course we are not see a bull market, but not so bear to say give up.
I hope you will not give up as you are one of the best real people in this social, steem-bounty is always the way to keep my mood up, i hope will be soon a steem-bounty coin on steem-engine, for sure i will give to it all my support...

The United States steals money from the other pockets of countries.
In the short term, he will is rich.
But after a long time, he will also no rich.
Because he steals's money will grab less and less
So the global economy will have a big recession in the long run.

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I also believe that difficult times are ahead of us @knircky

But what other options do we have, except of fighting and believing in better future ...

What's your take on this issue. I'm sure you're a fighter, not willing to give up :)