Last night I dreamt that tomorrow...

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Last night I dreamt that tomorrow...
Our social feeds will be utterly unique. News feeds won't bash big oil and exalt sustainable environmentalism just because our browsing history indicates we wanted it. No more will we be banned from knowing what our middle school friend had for dinner last night. It will be so, so much worse...more customized, more isolating, more boring.
Soon our headlines will be 100% unique unto our individual interests. Eg. my morning news headline might read, "Discover why Shane and Bob fell in love!" and provide an in-depth account of how my Mama met her husband, fell in love, and the ups and downs of their marriage since then, replete with pictures of their anniversaries and summaries of their health records, curated by a bot with data acquired over the last 20 years (and extrapolated into the decades before that)
Bots will write (yes, write) articles based on questions we asked our parents (or friends or acquaintances) yesterday and provide detailed analysis where the conversation left off.
When we signed away our right to privacy and the ownership of our own data to AT&T, et al., years before the Patriot Act came into existence, we never dreamt of tailored advertisements and Cambridge Analytica. But pursuing and following money dictates our most mundane desires will be satisfied.
Big money isn't interested in expanding our horizons or increasing our thinking capacities.
It's all about the clicks. And big money is about to prove that we will click on a link about our friend's love life without hesitation compared to the link regarding quantum computing.
The future of common base interest is about to get as personalized as humans themselves and as boring as our most shallow ponderings.

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