7 Possible Future Robotics

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The future of robotics is unpredictable. Every day, researchers work on significant advances in this area.The so-called rise of robots has been shown in many films, generating a rivalry between machines and humans. While this sounds like simple science fiction, many computer scientists say that this reality will come sometime in the 21st century.

Thus, the future of humanity can hold epic battles between robots and humans. Super-intelligent robots can lead to mass extinction or the prolongation of human life. Now, let's know the 7 possible futures of robotics:

1 - Robot War - The nightmare that fed "The Terminator" may come true. Scientists say there is a possibility that robots end up competing with humans for domination of the planet.

Engineers are already developing robotic soldiers to be employed in the war on terror.

2 - Immortality - Many people, like the futurist Ray Kurzweil, believe that humans will not have to die after the uniqueness. Some imagine a future where humans can have brains on computers. Essentially, they would live inside machines. Others imagine cybernetic parts to replace cancerous limbs and aged hearts.

3 - Burning economy - Since machines can match human intelligence, it will be a simple matter to copy software. The advancement of technology can influence the pace of economic growth.

4 - Environmental destruction - Robots do not need air, water or food, so they could destroy the environment. As a result, some believe there is a greater risk of super-intelligent robots draining all the earth's natural resources, aggravating environmental problems.

5 - Humans - Cybernetic implants can also mean that man can become a superpower. Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google, imagines a world where most people will make use of cybernetic implants to be smarter. This can turn humans into cyborgs.

6 - Mass Unemployment - Because robots would be smarter, humans simply would not be able to stay in the job market. Even the simplest tasks can be outsourced to robots, which will replace the workers. This may result in mass unemployment in the future.

7 - Human Skills - Since almost all tasks will be outsourced by superintelligence, humans will be able to gradually lose their skills. Humans would lose the ability to memorize and calculate.

What do you think about Robotico's future in the world?