The Future of Mobile House Cars

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Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, wars, bombs, theft, wind, fire, crime, terrorism, natural disasters, people, & many things destroy our houses. What can we do to protect our houses, crypto money, computers, blockchains, stuff, things, property, food, water, children, friends, ourselves, our memories, videos, photos, books, family, & future?

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Could we start developing better mobile cars and mobile boats and mobile planes and also mobile houses?

Not only do Americans have mobile phones. Vietnamese & many people around the world possess cell phones because we thrive and adore mobile things. Therefore, why not also mobile houses that can drive, fly, and float, with solar panels, wind panels, grass panels, water panels, moon panels, gravity panels, gas panels, oxygen panels, and all sorts of different kinds of panels and rechargeable batteries and many options for alternative energy and power and resources and more? We are interested in greener things like green mobile houses. Recyclable houses.


Look at the photos above, in this Joey Arnold Oatmeal post, on the kinds of houses that I like. Please share these ideas if you agree that not only computers can be mobile. Why not be able to have better RV mobile houses and mobile trailer homes and boats and ships and pods and spaceships? I love Star Wars and Star Trek and the Voyager and Enterprise space cruisers and ships. I love the BORG cube.

I love the PEANUTS Snoopy dog house. I love Noah's Ark and Ken Ham's Ark Museum in the USA. I was born 1985 in Oregon. I love boat houses. I love WALL-E and their pie in the sky spaceship. I love solar panels. I do not like natural disasters. When there is a flood, why not have water proof houses or floating houses? Why not have fire proof houses? Why do we pay so much for houses that are then destroyed in natural disasters and everything? Can we not do better than that? We can and we already are doing so much. Share your ideas with the world.

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Very nice post!

just forgot one

3d printing is the future on housing

We should live in big houses.

Nice, i follow you. Thanks

Because the housing development industry doesn't want houses to last forever. They will profit like mad off these disasters. Remember when John DeLorian created a car that would last forever and never rust? He was railroaded into prison because the automakers need people to replace their cars every 5-10 years so they have a permanent income stream.

I hope we can find ways to reverse things like that. I know they profit that way but didn't know those specifics. But I understand that system of profit. They make things as cheap as possible to make more profit and to get them to come back sooner and more often again and again and all of that becomes normal for people. We all think it is normal to buy clothes and new shows so often like once a year or few years or every few months.... but shoes should be able to last many years.....

We as a society have been inculcated by a long time effort to entrain us to be a society that buys, and disposes, only to buy again. Betrand Russel had a huge hand in that, and our dominance after WW II owes itself to that aspect of our culture. (That and most of Europes factories were bombed to oblivion.)

We CAN do better.

We should live in underground houses.