What happened to ALEX JONES

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I can relate to this issue of people sabotaging you-because they can

This article is for the people who are going to be successful in the future.

It will state the rules of engagement and how to get through your wall that is blocking your success
If you not part of the bigger plan in someone else's life, you not going to be let in the door, period.

The big question that everyone is getting wrong :

Can youtube and other channels justify their actions for censoring Alex Jones channels?
My answer : Yes

Some might question my answer as absurd but i'm not writing this article for the masses, 1000 upvotes. I'm writing it for people that are moving into the direction of success.

Let me be even more clear on this - Alex Jones did say something wrong but that is not the point because there are people saying even worst thing that are not being disciplined.

Here is a few questions you should ask yourself before crying about why can these companies just do what they do.

  • DID HE HAVE OWNERSHIP IN THESE ENTERPRISES? Answer - no, obviously not
  • Does he set the agenda for these enterprises? Answer - no, not his business
  • Does he have any control over his content? Answer - no, they do.

The conclusion to these events are:

  • Play according to the rules when you on someone else's turf.
  • Do for yourself, Build your own platform and make the rules instead of following rules
  • Don't talk about nuking innocent people just because the president is being a asshole.
  • This is the most important point: Dont cry like a bitch, sharks smell blood in the water. You might not get a second chance at showing that you a strong person when you cry like a bitch.

I personally view this guy as part of the masses, nothing special about him, just he has a lot of sheep following him.
Put a monkey in a suit, its still a monkey.

Proof 1 - crying like a bitch _ as if we see you as strong when you come across as a cry baby

Proof 2 - slime ball alert, Mr Ape man himself - Alex Jones

Proof 3 - See me cry like a bitch, remember - people wont remember your for how you fall but for how you rise above it all

In the public eye, count your words, they will be used against you!
Rise above your challengers!
Do for yourself!
Get rid of all your traditional thinking habits, it wont get you far in the real world.

Its a tough world out there, be patient with your success.

Success is not a game. Its tough being on top, so always be on form

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