Fall In or Step In - It's Coming

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Watching people fall down is a weird pleasure of mine.


You can catch them on the google machine in these 1 second flashes where you do not have to see the pain or embarssament of the actual falling down...rather just instant hilarity that generally gets passed on to 5 or 6 of my brothers or cronies...

These always feature a variety of people - large people, athletic people, small kids, Dads...because everyone falls down...and it is hilarious ( if your that guy that tells me I'm heartless and terrible human - you probably need to laugh more).


Sitting here staring down August, the end of my vacation is in sight and the weight of the upcoming season of life is staring me down. Kids will be back at school a year deeper, and my Fall will be beginning with three significant year long projects lurking. Subconsciously, ignoring this coming reality is the most natural response. Somehow not looking at next month makes it magically morph into something I can master with no preparation. I will just get there and viola! I am dominating life because I said I was at the end of this article...

That is not reality...

Reality is I will get smacked by life and fall on my face...which is hilarious in a one second clip.

10 seconds later though, I am trying to get up. Picking up the repercussions of my apathy that often time causes incredible pain not only to my life, but also to those around me.

Why don't people make clips of people falling run for 10 seconds?

My exhortation to you today is stop and think of the coming season. Most of us still function within semesters and the Fall semester is approaching. Are you prepared to launch into it? Are you holding on to the Summer for dear life trying to resist it? August is coming, you can fall into it, or you can step into it. One looks shocking and painful, the other is fairly boring and normal looking but enables you to dominate it.

It does not take much to prepare, all of us will prepare ourselves differently - but do prep yourself. Take a moment and allow the subconscious feelings surface to your conscious.

Make a powerful choice to step into this next season of your life!

and laugh...

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The ironic thing about falling down is that it is necessary to fall down in order to get back up. We, Humans, are at our finest when we are laying face down in the dirt and make a decision to rise. And when we do rise we are unstoppable for a time, And, then we must once again fall.

Its embarrassing, and the very last thing we want to do. Yet, in order to Rise we must fall!!!!!!

so true - nothing better then falling forward...

you familiar with Billy Alsbrooks?

Never Heard of him. I will look him up