The Fusion project and their upcoming nodes

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There are lots of interesting projects in the cryptosphere, and one that is currently increasing a great price boom is Fusion. This is the project of DJ Qian, a man many people remember from both Vechain and QTUM, but now Fusion is his number one child.

Currently, the project is receiving quite a lot of buzz and the main reason is that they have their mainnet coming up within shortly. Sources say that it should be ready before the end of June, but we still haven't received any confirmation or official information about this yet. But, when the mainnet is on, the staking of the token by running a node will also start and that is why people are going crazy about Fusion (FSN) nowadays.

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The requirement to run a node is 5000 FSN token, and with the current price of this token, that will cost around 5500-6000 USD. And it all turns interesting when you see the incredible ROI of the node. In one year you are expected to receive around 68% of the value back... in just one year! Now, the prices of the cryptocurrencies are very volatile, meaning that it might be worth much more than 68% more in Dollar value a year from now, or it might be worth much less, but still - in FSN tokens you can expect a 68% ROI in one year if you decide to run a Fusion node. No wonder why people are buying this token like crazy so that they can be ready when the mainnet is launched and the nodes need to be ready to launch!

What is Fusion all about?

Sometimes you invest in a cryptocurrency simply for the profit. It might be a shitcoin or a bad project, but you still expect it to moon, and thus you invest. Luckily, that is not the way I feel with Fusion. This is a solid project, meaning that I have long-term faith in the project, so even though it might decrease in price, I am not really worried about the project itself. I kind of have the same feeling about Fusion as I feel about Vechain and some other projects.

Fusion describes their own coin and project as "a public blockchain creating an inclusive cryptofinancial platform by providing cross-chain, cross-organization and cross-datasource smart contracts."

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