How safe is the nuclear fusion powerplant?

in #fusion6 years ago

Nuclear Fusion Power Plants are not a 100% reality at the current time. International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor is being build in France which aims to produce electricity from Nuclear Fusion. 50% of the reactor is complete and in the coming 15 years it is anticipated to show the world that Nuclear Fusion could be used to produce electricity.

The safety of any nuclear power plant is always an issue of concern, be it a fusion power plant or fission power plant. The Govt. and authorities go to great extents to make the people believe that they are 100% safe. But when I reason with my own mind I feel that Nuclear Power Plants are an extreme risk that people of the surroundings area's live with.

Nuclear Fusion or Fission Power plants are basically a Bomb waiting to explode and contaminate the surrounding area's. They require constant upkeep at the highest possible level of human concentration. A slight failure in the upkeep of such reactors can result in a big human catastrophy or displacement. The examples of Chernobyl And Fukushima should have been more than enough to sway people away from Nuclear Power.

Man cannot control nature, what ever we build always has a chance of being exposed to the harshest nature has to offer. Imagine a nuclear power plant that is hit with an earth quake of the highest possible magnitude Or a Tsunami hitting with a nuclear power plant or imagine a stupid new recruit who messed up a few buttons on the controls of the reactor ....what would be the results of such incidents ? I agree that the chances of such incidents is very less but just keep in mind the area evacuated after the Chernobyl Tragedy is 2600 Km_sq. The size of New York City is 790 Km-sq.

Even if we forget the dangers of Radio Active Waste that both Fusion and Fission reactors produce, Humanity has to find another power source Nuclear energy must be phased out in order to save us.


I totally agree with you, I don't know much about the Chernobyl incident. But Fukushima meltdown I remember very clearly. An alternate power source is the best course of action or else the earth will become a radioactive waste land.

How can you not know about Chernobyl ..?? Hundreds of videos are available on Youtube go through them. Once you do that, you will realise that living in 1000 Kms radius of the power plant is like sitting next to a ticking time bomb.

I know about Chernobyl, But not as much as the Fukushima incident.

But you are right I don't wanna camp anywhere near the reactors, No matter how safe the govt claims it to be.

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