SOULMATE: a quick skit!!

in funnystory •  20 days ago

The crisp cold air ruminating across this concrete summer-camp never fails to stop the love from finding its way deep into the night. Smoking Ls in the VIP: I caught a glimpse of the most amazing women I've ever seen, hard to miss with her BIG BEAUTIFUL SIZE and sexy fake leopard print top-It was love at first, blacked out, blurred sight. Le’Fonda Smith....

stay sexy and subscribe, steemians!!!!

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thats why were so compatible


i should date deaf girls...(that wasn’t offensive)

You better stay away from Laquanda...she is my girl bro. She gives good head. Oh I'm sorry...she is a head. Rock on and get some studying done.Seriously just keep studying and doing your work. I know it does not make sense now but it will in the end. Just keep moving forward, but stay away from my Laquanda. Hahaha. Happy New Years and I hope all is well. Rock on


Hey man, i had a feeling-Shes a rolling stone alright! lmaoo and thanks bro I feel you, im on break so i’m pumping out mad videos lol. thanks again, stay up my man