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RE: Frank Key's Hooting Yard and the Tradition of Grand English Nonsense

in #funny3 years ago

Holy cow - this is so cool! I first heard him on the Escape Pod SF podcast in 2006, and have been listening ever since. The thought that he might actually see this post is making me a bit twitterpated. Does it look okay? Should I primp it up somehow?

I love Resonance FM. You guys do good work; we've nothing like it in the States. Good luck with the fund-raiser!


You don't need to primp it up Winston, the post is fine. The way you write is beautiful and shows love.

We do thank you for listening and supporting independent broadcasting.

It's why I like steemit. I stuck Resonance FM in the search bar as I was sure that this is the sort of platform that shares it's ethos.

That's awesome. It really does seem like a good fit and a way to help the station and the artists make some money.