FXBG Comedy Roast Battle League Week: 1

in funny •  7 months ago

Check out the "Best Of" from week one of the FXBG Comedy Roast Battle League. Live stand up comedy and filmed in front of a live bar audience.

8 comics go head to head in single elimination rounds until a champion is crowned.

Week 1 winner... Scott Wharton

If you are looking for me, I'm the 4th battle and I didn't do that well. I spent all my time writing and promoting the show, I never really memorized my stuff and it hurt me. I'll come back with a vengeance though in the next one.

Hope you enjoy.

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That was great @walkingkeys. I think my favorite joke was the Michael Jordan, baseball joke.

Remember to nominate two people in order to be considered for the prize.

You need to eat almonds to enhance your memory! 😝


I don't like nuts... lol


You can make the almond shake!! 😁


any way you slice them... it's still nuts. lol
The only way I'd make and almond shake is if I made a sick beat.

Good luck for this week 1. I like sarah kendall joke