Four very short stories, very interesting

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  1. Profound

Just now, I saw a child eating ice cream in the elevator. Out of concern, I told him: "It's so cold, I will eat bad!".

The child told me that his grandmother lived to be 103 years old.

I asked, "What about ice cream?"

He said, "No, my grandma never cares about her business!"

How profound! Now I finally know why I am aging so fast!

Worry about it

  1. Heart tired

There are so many fraudsters now. I just saw the news that depositors' deposits disappeared and hundreds of thousands of them disappeared.

I hurried to the bank by bike, and quickly inserted the card to enter the password.

Fortunately, 8 yuan is still available, which is a relief.

I'm so worried!

I will never watch the news again. I am so tired!

Out of the bank, my heart is even more tired: 8 yuan is still there, but the bike is gone

  1. Don't worry

Aunt went to the square for a walk in the morning. She saw an old man writing big characters on the ground with a sponge pen.

The old man took a look at Aunt and wrote "roll".

Aunt thought to herself: Have a look

The old man looked at Aunt again and wrote "Go away".

Aunt can't help it any longer. Go up and kick the old man to the ground

When the police came and asked what was wrong, the old man said wrongly:

"I just wanted to write a sentence, 'The Yangtze River is rolling eastward'. Just after I wrote the first two words, I was kicked down by this neuropathy.".

So, my friends, don't worry!

  1. Be patient

A girl got on the high-speed railway and saw a man sitting in her seat.

She checked her ticket and said politely, "Sir, are you in the wrong seat?"

The man took out his ticket and shouted, "Look clearly, this is my seat. Are you blind?!"

The girl looked at his ticket carefully and stood beside him in silence.

When the train started, the girl looked down and said to the man gently, "Sir, you are not in the wrong seat, but you are on the wrong train! This is for Shanghai, and your ticket is for Harbin."

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