Jokes 1001 #32 Grandmas and Taxi Driver

in funny •  18 days ago

After shopping at the mall three grandmas get into a taxi. All three sit at the back seat. Five minutes later, there's a plastic pack sounded being opened. After some time, one grandma asked the taxi driver.

Grandma 1: Young man, you want some peanuts?

Taxi Driver: Oh ok, thanks.
He leaned his palms toward the grandma without looking back. He saw in his palm full of different types of peanuts. Then he put it into his mouth.

Taxi Driver: Oh.. Its delicious... so fresh and not salty at all!

Five minutes later, the other grandma asked him.

Grandma 2: Young man, you want some more peanuts?

Taxi Driver: Sure, thanks.

While eating the peanut, he asked the grandma.

Taxi Driver: Oh Auntie, you don't eat peanuts?

The grandmother 2 replied.

Grandma 2: Oh, no... You see we are old and have no teeths. We only like to suck the chocolate and leave the peanuts!

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