Ridiculously EPIC - Bubble Soccer

in funny •  2 years ago 

Some friends, a sunny day, bubbles. FUN!

This Sunday, for my sister's birthday, we decided to try out for the first time this strange but funny discipline. As you can see the field is not really large, but the fact that you have to carry a 10KG bubble with a greenhouse effect inside, multiplies its size by 10! I highly recommend you to try that at least once!

And that's a good thing to get some confidence, if you're afraid to be inside out. (If you would like to learn, let's say, a backflip) That's a good way to get used to it without any danger.

Here's the little edit I made. Enjoy!

And don't forget to seek ridicule in everything, you will find it. This is a good way to relativize.

Don't be afraid. Ridicule does not kill. Or... Reincarnation exists?



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this looks insanely fun dude.. I can't believe this is a thing hahaha

Indeed it was. :D

Lol, fitting music xD That "opening a zelda chest" sound in the end was a nice finish ^^

Haha. You already recognized the zelda theme song in one of my last video. I see that we shared a part of our childhood, playing ZELDA! :D

N64 was 'tha boss!

Oh YEAH !!! .. B+U(BB)L+E .. & "in" T_i'ME !! - ))
FUN ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - ))

lovelovelove )))
greb'Z )

Yeaaah! Bubbles! :D

Thanks my best fun steemit friend. :)

i commented withOUT WatCHING FIRST !! - ))
ha ha - ))
WhaT a GREAT SPORT !! - ))

Ça a l'air tellement amusant ce truc je veut essayer maintenant!!!

Oh oui, tu devrais, c'est vraiment trop sympa! Et en plus c'est physique! ;-)

i have publish a article us my promise..

anyway i love your article.


I loved your poem buddy! :)

thanks buddy its my pleasure..


great idea for fun.

hhh major hh very funny lol

hola troilo, tenia problemas con mi internet, como has estado?..buen post

I would like to get into a balloon of those looks super fun.

I'm fine. :) Yes it was really fun!