Your Lucky Day?

in funny •  5 months ago

When you think she's flirting with you and then you realize she's on a dare

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The problem you have with flirting is that you never know if it's happening or not.


can stick a few candles on that face and blow them out for your birthday


You can actually use her as punishment, death by marriage


oh heell no

Haha, well theres a good way to get payback



hmm, if i stalked her and snuck into her place i'd be doing more than that

Lol. This is not a flirtation, it's a frank proposal to make me happy. Ha ha.


your girlfriend just needs to stretch her legs from time to time
esp when there are other guys around


Is she saying...... Or not?

Man, Don't let her be playin you like that!



ahh that shit stirring friend
we all have one

Lol, when my girlfriend flirts with me so, I just understand that this is my day, haha


this only happens in porn movies

Lol, feel you abused.. :)


nobody would reach for veggie crisps


That, noone deserves that


dat face expression

I think it happens due to you are an Asian lol :D

I think she realized it might not be her lucky day, coz probably she knows the pain of having tiny d!ck lol :D


worst case situation

haha! If only my mom knew how to operate a smartphone. Plus, I'm a bit too old for my mom to be going through my phone! :)

p.s. This is an actual gif of me, felt it was perfect for this situation

traf, after such flirting, I have no doubt that my lucky day has come, LoL

After this movement, I realized that this is happiness. Ha ha.