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Come on baby!!!

If only we could get this woman to market Steem, I think we would see more green days


looks like she could help out 2 men at a time with those forearms

Hell yeah I'll throw my middle fingers up to the others



we've been taking a fisting for so long, it's only fair


Sometime in the future...

2016 Chicago Cubs won the World Series

2017 Bif becomes president

2018 Steem goes over 90



anything can happen I guess
that car imploded funny


that special effects tho

That's great! I'll just go and trade my Syscoin for some Steem now on Binance....


bah syscoin
go back to where you belong: page 2

When you invited a friend to invest in Steem, but he did not believe you....


deep down inside you didn't want them to invest so you can rub it in their faces

This is another beautiful morning, after I joined Steemit. haha


it's a beautiful morning for my wife who gets to see that when she wakes up

Oh shit, you talk about STEEM price! This is what exactly happen next lol :D

Traffy, I didn't believe jinx until I found your STEEM price up celebrations lol :D


whats the original source, i've seen it so many times - looks like the 90's

Yeaaah that s all what i want ....Thanks God!

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Wow amazing funny post..

Lol, especially it is like my girlfriend, who dreams of getting a merry holiday from me, after the rise in price of the Steem, hahaha

traf, when there is another increase in the price of the Steem, then I always do not control myself, LoL

You make Steem price low by talking something good for Steem. Thank you @traf.