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in funny •  last year

'Why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer!' I yell at the onlookers who were just laughing instead of helping me free my arm from up the used panty vending machine

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Hahaha classic. Sometimes it's best not to be a tight arse and cough up the dough ;)


fine, here's 48c, send panties


Here is 4 of em 👙👙👙👙

What many people don't know is that most of these panties come from the 50 year old virgins living in Tokyo. Don't ask me how I know


I know, I was just trying to get mine back


Haha nothing like them worn in panties - I get it

Tokyo caters to whatever sort of fantasies you have. If panty sniffing is you're thing, who am i to judge


exactly, harmless fun
or in my case, probably armless if I don't get out of this pickle

You really need to stop doing lines of coke off of your cat's tail.


yes your honor


Rats. I read my steemd history wrong and thought I graduated to a 3% trafalgar vote. Self-imposed very dark humor. Holding my cat to cope. 20% chance of being clawed, but that pain will make me feel alive.


Hahaha classic. from time to time it is satisfactory now not to be a tight arse and cough up the dough.....

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Hahaha.. This is hilarious... Sorry for you buddy... You made me laugh today... Thank you so much for that..