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Oh shit, that's a shame. So don't look and run :D

Traffy, how about your kids?



they walk in on me and their aunt all the time

In my defense, I didn't think I was supposed to knock before opening the door to the nursing home.


sure, but why did you have your phone camera on?

Even Mr. Fluffy lying in the corner was surprised

It takes a lot to surprise a cat that licks its own ass

Thankfully you didn't see their laptop playing Jerry Banfield's latest dirty comedy video while they were at it.


he's inspired me to remove my ribs

shocked and running away..


haha when you see the state of a public restroom


Haha, when you walk in and see the old mans jizz fly across the room and hit the bullseye on the dart board.



lol trying to learn from your parents


Just want to stand there and watch the full show.

wow! it's just like tarzan and i know how i got the name zane


doing it while swinging on those jungle vines from the looks of it

So my cousin walked in on his parents in under the duvet action and started screaming
Daddy Daddy there are spirits in your bed..... Daddy where are you
They had to eventually play along
Your daddy is not here, now go to the kitchen, you will find him there

nah, they hate each other

hahah this is accurate lol

How could I, until the very end I believed that I was brought a stork. Ha ha.

Lol, no more sounds no more views.. :)

It really is very funny
Well done, my friend😃😃😃😂😁

When I happened to see what my parents were doing, I thought, "Oh, even I can not do this" :)

Groaning? Was this what I was thinking? Then they are still strong. Ha ha.

When I saw what parents are doing :)

This situation is shameful even if you are black.

Just pretend to be dead.