Why Jane Left Thor

in funny •  6 months ago

When your ex boyfriend was so abusive your vagina has an opening the shape of a square hammer

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Jane is now with loki and anal is still option left for them.


it's an open relationship


Now i'm thinking about poor black widow.


not as big down there
no wonder his shorts don't rip when he transforms


Lol don't blink, you'll miss it

she should be grateful her mouth still works.


she's a woman
that's the last thing that'll ever break


cant believe i forgot that

Haha lmao, now that sounds like a good way to stretch before exercise



team up with another guy and have a game of penis tug of war


Hahaha. Lol.
Absolutely perfect

It's better than that horrible accident that happened to wolverine's ex.

Gif from Giphy


he doesn't risk masturbating


Hell yeah. Don't miss it

The moment she found out mine is upgraded to hammer shaped, she came back to me instead.


hmm, wonder if there are plastic surgeons that can do that


Yeah yeah. I will reshape it if she wills. Lol

Now I'm thinking about another option


I appreciate your post.
Thanks sir..

Damnnn, this is hard bro.

You are making me feel uncomfortable..So i decide:


hihihi, yes this looks is so funny!!

Square hammer, I wonder if the dick was huge and heavy as thor's hammer

Lol. After insulting words, she decided to feed the crocodile with her ex-boyfriend.


Lol. Sure but after the vagina show

Sir, @traf. why are they thanking @genlebot sir?? it is your post!!

@Traf. I think he actually abusing himself because The fastest ex boyfriend would be anyone trying to get away square hammer from that cloud.its was ridiculous for funny!! I am waiting for the next one,it will more exciting & funny. @Traf. I wanna join with you sir,hehehe.such an Laughable post..

LOL.thst's so funny.

Anythings a dildo if you're brave enough

Her current boyfriend must be facing this


yes this looks funny, but every couple must have a lot of disagreements and close their eyes to go away.

Run for your life girl.lol

Thor was so nieve to believe he could keep jane after he lost his hammer.
That hammer reminds jane of how big ...(sensor) was. The head, the stem, and even the handle.
Now she can't go back. Fuck you thor your dick(sensor)
Is no longer the hammer of the gods

i doubt about the weapon used by her boyfriend!

Honestly I saw it more like this...


there are still two options, be sure that he does not have vomiting and his mouth works, and the other option is that he does not have diarrhea

well, he is actually abusing himself because he is the one that actually penetrate with his Penis lol,

I have no choice but to do anal, so prepare yourself

Poor guy, he did not understand who he insulted :)