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Until STEEM rise to $20, I might try to control my angry at the office like this

Traffy, so far it works, but when STEEM hit that milestone, I will take revenge of all these m#$%er f#$%kers



haha looks like you'll be loving your job for a while

That is the time you learn to lace your lunch with laxatives to find the thief!!


the one time I did that I forgot and ended up eating my poison and shitting my pants


Haha this is the good thing about vending machines, no one can steal your lunch and sometimes you get extras :)



does this trick work at the slot machines?


haha I wish, already tried it


i hope the machine was like this before and he just cleaned it up

Lol, i know who took your lunch, because he is with you and will come to an empty refrigerator and will also be outraged, do not trust anyone, hahaha


ya i think our refrigerator is haunted by some hungry ghost

Lol. I waited so long for a meal, now I have to wait for dinner :)


just take someone else's lunch
or eat some ice cubes if there are none left


But Traf,
Why they keep doin this to you? Did you even write your name on your lunch box?

I say find out who stole your lunch now and get it back.

BTW... I compliment you for building up your chest muscles.


it happens more often when I write my name on my lunch


Don't be paranoid or anything, but I think somebody may be out to get you.

the psycho eyes ...

I am dangerous when i am hungry..

Wow that's a great funny post..

Just find baby i think you can find out now. :p

This was a good read.

traf, just choose the right approach to your dinner, otherwise you can constantly stay hungry, LoL

Haha. I have 10 years of work experience in the team and I know how to save my lunch.


the kids wont find it

After a miserable day, you can't find your lunch.
Someone is getting some Gorilla Woo

When you find a frozen finger

Beat the hell out of them straight away