When The Boss Is Away...

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When you're messing around in the office and had no idea your boss is the biggest cocaine trafficker in the northern hemisphere

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After the boss finds out you are now aware of his extra curricular activities, you will likely end up being ground up into pieces to put in his next bean bag chair


as long as the hot secretary sits on me i don't mind

No wonder everyone took sugar with the coffee at your work

I guess it was more like coffee with the sugar in some cases


lol and the water cooler had disposable syringes next to it


Hahah lol


Hahaha very nice funny 😝😝😝

When she says she can’t find flour so she didn’t make you dinner but you find it.


knowing my wife's cooking i was the one who hid it in the first place


Damn! You win again.

Ingenious, so that's where I need to hide my snacks and alcohol from the kiddos!


caring is sharing jedi
never too young for the vodka


Isn't it enough that I share my time and energy with the little buggers?

Your boss before a big meeting!


i'm just glad if he doesn't bust out his tommy gun during performance review

Heard the hot blonde inhaled most of that and was out of her mind dry humping the water cooler for a few hours.


i was disguised as the water cooler

But then your boss comes back and sees you sleeping on your desk

Who's laughing now?

Ultra level PRO

Now i am good maybe my boss would like me

Our boss says he's going to be away until next wednesday

Fuck Girls take some Glucose LOL.....

when boss is away, I become rider Xd !


Me and my coworkers, when boss isn't around 😂


Wow that's great post.


Wow Very Nice Funny Gif Sir ..I Really Really Like Your All Funny Post ..I respect your post sir....you great persons.... Special thanks to @traf & @trafalgar .

Covered more pressure in own-self

funny photo @traf
I am a new follwer for you

If you discover the secrets of your boss at work , The worst will wait for you . Hahaha .

That's how the mafia recruits their ninjas.

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Heheheheh thats great loollll

Wow nice funny.
I appreciate your funny post.

I prefer my boss is the biggest woman trafficker to the biggest cocaine trafficker. imagine that, you are playing in the office and the woman comes out of the hat.

None of you will likely live past lunch, at this juncture in life perhaps just call your love ones and then proceed to get high.

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@traf hahaha..boss is a word who scare me most some time in my dreams and every day in office.

Wow very nice funny post

Very funny.
I like it this all funny.
Thanks for sharing meme.

Just imagine the poor drug mule who had to smuggle that across the border...

This is why I will never get fake boobs.

Even those build like Thor's hammer can break

Yes I've seen Thor Ragnarock with my kids.
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Very nice funny
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This is very funny, they are both fired if I was to be there boss

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Very funny , nice one @traf

Covered more pressure in own-self

The Office Boss GIF

My first job was washing dishes in a restaurant, while at the same time serving in a take-away that opened out on to the street from the back of the kitchen

MRW my boss says he's going to be away until next wednesday

ha ha ha..
very funny man..

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Don't step away from a fight.