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If you are Black, you might not die this way, sometimes by hands of a girl who can't bear that huge c0ck lol :D



ya that's why i'm great
any girl can bear my cock


this dude knows what's up
his walking stick isn't the only piece of wood he's wielding

haha...i dont want to die...but i definitely want to be billionaire..and owner of large dick..

Just goes to show you that even billionaire diamond traders aren't happy if they have a micropenis


they'll give it all away for an extra 2 inches any day

At his age he still want to make young ladies cry on bed, he want to impress and satisfy ladies in bed 😊😔☺

Hey funny I have the same aspirations.


I think we can all see with Clarity that his Carat wasn't Cut out for this surgery. I guess we can all guess his Color.

Lol. That headline is funny to read. Why would he do that

Wtf 🤣🤣... Honestly, I'm gonna hold his woman responsible for this

when we are old of course there are many obstacles and the condition of our body is getting weaker, maybe this really makes us very tired

a way that needs to be returned for me to understand